Sverdlovsk region

Contact information


620075, 7D, Vostochnaya str., Yekaterinburg, Russia


+7 (343) 288-77-85 (ext. 610)



Business support infrastructure

The Export Centre and the EEN contact point were established by the Sverdlovsk regional government in order to promote international business for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Sverdlovsk Region and expand on trade.

The Export Centre was founded in 2011.

The main activities of the Export Center are consulting and organizing support for SME’s so that they can enter foreign markets with their goods and services.

The EEN contact point was established in 2015.

The main activities of the EEN contact point include assisting in the provision of new technologies to companies in Sverdlovsk and exporting technologies from Sverdlovsk worldwide by enabling technological and scientific cooperation with foreign partners.

What we do

Finding Foreign Partners

We help to select potential partners for small and medium-sized companies interested in entering foreign markets.

We enter information into specialized databases which can be found with search tools, such as the Partnering Opportunities Database of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), cooperate with trade representation offices and operators abroad, and organize local networking events with foreign companies.

Business Trips

Trips are organized for business representatives to establish cooperation between companies from the Sverdlovsk Region and those in foreign countries. The trips involve marketing activities, such as a foreign market analysis, identifying potential interested parties, and exhibiting and displaying products.

During the business trips participating companies visit key international exhibitions, conferences, and networking events as well as conduct business negotiations.

Educational Programs

There is also a training program with a focus on new foreign market strategies for existing and potential exporters in the Sverdlovsk Region and those who would like to transfer technology. This always involves the most-qualified specialists. The training program is free of charge.

The Translation and Promotion of Websites

We also translate company websites into foreign languages, which includes the use of special techniques to promote the sites.

Adapted websites are often the first step towards promoting the products of small businesses.

Certification and Licensing

We assist in checking the goods with the necessary requirements for exporting products and services.

This includes certification, licensing, and obtaining permission documents when the expenses are co-financed.


We assist in granting, acquiring and protecting patents, trademarks and licenses.

The Presentation of Presentation Materials.

We design layouts, format translations, and print presentation materials to promote companies’ goods on the foreign market in order to generate investment proposals.


We provide information on governmental support measures regarding export and the development of international cooperation. We offer advice on customs and permission documents, foreign trade contracts, and export taxes. We handle the dissemination of foreign partners’ offers and requests from the Enterprise Europe Network database and other sources. We also prepare offers and requests from companies in the Sverdlovsk Region who want to establish international cooperation.

We offer consultation on intellectual property, patent licensing activities, and technology transfer.

For foreign companies looking for partners in the Sverdlovsk Region.

Please feel free to write to us with information about your business or a request for technology. We require a description of your profile and what you are looking for in as business partner. There are currently more than 12,500 companies on our database and we are sure to find a suitable and reliable partner for you free of charge. Offers from companies rendering services related to our international activities are also welcome.

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